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When there are this many houses on the market in Victoria, it drives me crazy how much junk you have to sift through to get to the gems. What’s worse is that every price range is the same. You would think the jump from $450 to $650 would be an improvement, but it isn’t. I just wish, when searching our MLS, there was a  little tick box for Junk [ ] or Gem [ ].

I’m sick of reading things like “Quaint little charmer in desirable neighbourhood” when in reality it translates into a 1940s 2 bedroom 1 bathroom home with a burried oil tank, knob and tube wiring, 800 square feet, possible structural issues on a tiny lot that backs on to the highway. Why don’t you just write “BYOB”... Bring Your Own Bulldozer

Moral of the story: use a buyer’s agent to buy property; you’ll save yourself a lot of time and frustration.


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First impressions are everything, especially when you’re trying to sell a house. I’ve experienced some rather humorous moments when I’ve run into obstacles that would prevent this excellent first impression.

1. Me against the moss

I was listing a home in the spring and it had moss on the front drive way. No big deal! Several people told me we could sprinkle Tide with bleach on it to kill it and it would simply sweep away… wrong. The moss turned a lovely brownish orange colour and would not budge. My client was leaving town and there was no time to have a professional come do the job. With the help of one of my dearest friends, we borrowed a power washer, got some gasoline to fuel it, and headed out to blast the moss. It came up quite well with the high pressure water, but of course we were out there until dark, the day before the listing hit the market. I think it did the trick because the drive way looked amazing and it went to multiple offers that week!

2. Little bird

Another time I was hosting an open house for a vacant home in Cordova Bay. I arrived at the home stocked with a trunk full of Febreeze, just in case. I wasn’t expecting to find a dead bird on the deck. Of course there was no paper towel to pick it up with and frankly I didn’t want to touch it.. so I left it. The first people through the house stopped at the back window.. “UGH! There’s a dead bird on the deck!” Right, the little thing had to go. I tried to kick it off to the side where you couldn’t see it from the window. The next set of people commented after they saw it from another window. So I was left with no other choice.  I went out in the pouring rain to pick up this bird and chuck it over the side of the deck all the while thinking to myself “I didn’t sign up for this!”

3. Shopping Cart

More recently I went to host and open house and when I got to the corner where I usually put down my directional sign, I found a shopping cart.  I thought to myself, what are people going to think of this neighbourhood if there’s a shopping cart on the corner?! It had to go! I went to push it away and of course, its wheels were locked.  So here I am in a suit and high heels, laughing to myself as I struggle with this shopping cart trying to get it across the street. I can only imagine what the people driving by thought.

The things I do for real estate!

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