Buying During a Pandemic, What to Expect

Since buying and selling real estate is considered an essential service, we have adapted our practices to adhere to local public health guidelines. Here are some of the top changes that have taken place:


1. Masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing

Just like going to any retail store, we have to wear masks, maintain social distancing and sanitize our hands upon entering a home. It’s also expected that buyers touch minimal (if any) surfaces while in the home. The lights will often be turned on, and should be left on after leaving the home. 


2. Showing times and schedules

Most properties are not allowing double bookings. This means we must book a half hour time block for our showing and vacate the home when we are done so we don’t cross paths with another party who is showing the home. It’s very important we show up on time and if we are early, to remain in our cars.  If we need to discuss anything after the showing, it’s best to do it away from the premises and not congregate outside the home. Due to the competitive market we are in, this also could mean that showing times book up quickly. It’s important we book in to see a property as soon as possible. 


3. No open houses

It has been advised by our governing bodies that we do not host open houses as this is not in the best interest of public health. Some agents are hosting virtual open houses which you can log in and view from Zoom. It’s a great way to get in to see the property and ask the listing agent questions. 


4. Travel Separately. 

We used to be able to pick up clients and drive them around for property tours but now this is not advisable. If you are arriving from out of town, it’s expected that you should get a rental vehicle so we can take separate vehicles to drive around and maintain physical distance. 


If you’re concerned about buying during a pandemic or have questions about the process, get in touch with our team today as we are happy to help. 

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